Ex-congresswoman and 2012 GOP presidential contender Michele Bachmann does one better than class-mate Sarah Palin

Michelle Bachmann

Ex-congresswoman Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann easily outclasses Sarah Palin when it comes to making seemingly incoherent statements that appear meant to impress rather than convince.

MINNPOST (Friday, July 12) reports that at an event in Elk River, Minnesota, Bachmann said “The No. 1 reason we are failing to see more jobs being created is because of the president’s health care plan.” At no time did she bother to explain how the Affordable Care Act prevents jobs from being created.

In another tirade, Bachmann is reported to say “We have a problem right now in granting amnesty to illegal aliens.” It must have been unclear to her listeners what the basis the statement is, since no illegal aliens have been or are being granted amnesty. Later, without explaining the cap-and-trade “agenda” and its relationship to a coal plant shutdown, she is said to claim: “The cap-and-trade agenda just this last week shut down a coal-fired plant in Ohio. You’re going to see that repeated over and over and over again.”

The 2012 GOP presidential contender ended her talk by saying “Not being in congress or running for congress, that frees me from doing parades, from doing fundraising. I was very involved in both of those activities. I’m relieved of the necessity of doing those, so I’ll have the time.” It is not clear what she meant by the statement because she added that her “voice will continue to be heard.” Oh, please!

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