Julius C. Willis, Jr. is a former Manila newspaperman and businessman. He edited several Manila newspapers including the NEWS Behind The NEWS and The Eye and published The Story Teller and The Philippine Star.  He owned and operated a printing business (Piscean Printers) as well as the J&B Furniture Co. and the Julius & John Furniture Co., Inc.  Prior to entrepreneurship, Julius was a public relations and advertising executive.

Julius taught college electronics and networking courses for 26 years (Heald Colleges, California) and worked as a manager in the engineering department of Farinon Electric Co. (later to become the Microwave Division at Harris Corporation).

At present, Julius serves as a consultant and operates JC Willis Internet & Network Services, an Internet web site and email hosting service.  He serves as a member of the Alameda (California) County Housing & Community Development Advisory Committee and was a former member of several of the City of Hayward’s commissions, including the Planning Commission and the city’s General Plan Task Force. Julius was also on the Advisory Board of the Center for Filipino Studies at California State University – East Bay.

For more on Julius, see him on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.

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