Are Conservatives (Republicans) Proposing Sharia Law For The United States?

ShariaLawForUS-370This poster has been making the rounds in social network sites and chat rooms. It looks pretty logical, considering what Republicans (and conservatives) have been batting for. The poster points out that Sharia Law (Islamic Law) is pretty similar to what conservatives and leading Republicans advocate.

Here’s a list of what the most vocal Republicans and Conservatives have been fighting for:

  1. No separation of church and state.
  2. Religion should be taught in all schools, public or private.
  3. Prayer sessions should take place in all public meetings and assemblies.
  4. Homosexuality is a sin.
  5. Homosexuality should not be recognized as a lifestyle and should be prohibited.
  6. Gay marriages should be prohibited.
  7. Abortion is a sin and should be prohibited and considered a crime.

The poster alleges that Sharia Law espouses these very same tenets, matching Republican Party doctrine and the beliefs of American conservatives.

Those who believe in the American way of life should be concerned.

Those who believe in their right to religious freedom should be concerned – because if the state adopts a religion, it might not be theirs.

Those who believe in the right of  a lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender to the pursuit of their happiness (as guaranteed in the American Constitution) should be concerned.

And those who believe in a woman’s “right to choose” should be concerned.

Time to be vigilant!

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It’s not their religion, politics, or culture – it’s our abiding, fundamental distrust of others

Fear-ByYoda-400-ADINGMore and more people are turning out to be rude, offensive, intolerant, and sometimes verbally violent in discussion forums and social networking sites across the Internet. The incivility is worrisome.

What is our problem? Why are more of us becoming impolite, discourteous? Why do we ridicule, fear, distrust, and condemn others because of their ethnicity, culture, religion, or politics? Why do we unreasonably brand those we disagree with us as traitors, terrorists, infidels, or other so-and-sos? Why and how have we become so sure of ourselves? Why and how have we become so uncivilized?

We say it’s not us who’re uncivil – it’s the other folk that’s intolerant and impolite! But then, again, why?

The more successful people on earth are reasonable, fair, respectful of others, and self-confident – people who view others’ politics, culture, and religion with respect and tolerance. On the other hand, the well-known losers on earth are those that hate, disparage, belittle, and abuse people who are not their kind.

DefendingIdeas-JW-530One cannot defend with intimidation and hate their beliefs and ideas that they could not promote with logic or support with facts.

There are people and things in life that we have reason to fear, distrust and condemn – such as those that pose real threats to our very being or our freedom. But we have no reason to distrust or condemn people and their ideas simply because they are different from ours or inconsistent with our values.

Psychologists have defined those who hate and fear others as having a “paranoid personality.” A paranoid person has a deep-seated distrust and suspicion of others, and tends to hold other people’s motives suspect. A paranoid person will assume that those who are of a different culture, religion, or politic are out to exploit, harm, or deceive – and no evidence to the contrary can change their thinking.

Psychologists explain that it is normal for people to have certain degrees of paranoia (such as a fear of losing a job or a relationship), but those with a paranoid personality take their fear to extremes for no logical reason. People with the paranoid personality disorder can never be gotten along with and have difficulty maintaining friendships or close relationships.

A paranoid person will be argumentative, complaining, hostile, and aloof. A paranoid person will manifest extreme vigilance for anything they fear – leading to hostile actions.

A paranoid person cannot accept criticism, and will defend with violence and aggression beliefs that cannot be defended with facts.

As long as we have to be neighbors and live on the same planet, let’s be nice to each other. It doesn’t pay to be otherwise.

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MLMs, pyramids, and other dubious marketing schemes: not only illegal but immoral and unethical

A friend abandoned his successful real estate business a couple of years ago to join a multi-level marketing (MLM) operation. Because he tried to convince me to team up with him to “earn money big time” and live in luxury, I decided to look into the business and see what it was all about.

What I learned prompted me to write about multi-level marketing (MLM), focusing on the moral and ethical issues involved over and above the practical and legal. For what could be legal could be hugely unjust and unfair to a lot of people.

Here’s what I learned.

PyramidScheme-IMMORAL-530The organization my friend joined was an MLM, with one outstanding characteristic. The business focused on recruitment. This immediately raised a red flag. The operation put together a so-called 3×7 matrix. In other words, you recruit three people and each of those three recruit seven associates. Each of the seven would in turn recruit three more of their own who each again recruit seven. The process continues ad nauseam. Your earnings, including commissions and bonuses (and all other types of incentives called “coded” bonuses) depend on the number of recruits down your chain.

The first warning sign of a possible pyramid scheme is such: there is an unusual focus on recruitment rather than on the sale of a product or service. As a matter of fact, there was absolutely no emphasis on the quality of value of the product they were selling.

When you do the math – to determine how this recruitment has to continue in order for you to keep on earning commissions – you come to the conclusion that it is not endless. Eventually, the organization runs out of people to recruit – or those at the very bottom see the futility of their efforts – and the entire scheme collapses.

Similarly, a scheme where one is required to buy and keep at all times a certain quantity of a product or a service – and to keep selling in order to earn commissions – is a scam.

I tried to explain my findings to my friend – but he was dogmatic and tended to be illogical – until I brought up the moral and ethical issues.

I pointed out that it becomes morally or ethically wrong when a customer has to purchase a product or service on the basis of what they can earn from the transaction itself and not on the basis of the quality of the product or service or their need for the product or service.

I added that it becomes a larger moral and ethical issue when one considers the number of people that are disadvantaged down the line and the very few who are truly benefiting financially at the top of the heap. The fact that there are “levels” in the scheme proves that at the end there will be many victims and very few winners.

All the arguments for MLMs and other pyramid-type schemes are lame excuses for taking advantage of the gullibility and/or aspirations of the many who eventually become victims.

I couldn’t tell what effect my words had on my friend.

I have not heard from him again.

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At a San Lorenzo Cemetery: stories of the pioneers who blazed trails and built a region

TombsOfTheWealthy-530There are the once famous, wealthy, and powerful men and women: John Lewelling, Elvy Lewelling, William Meek, and Fidela Meek, among dozens of others. And there are the lonely paupers and losers: Edward Lind, Ralph London, Albert Howe, Henry Nelson, William Johnson, and Charles Hardy, among hundreds of others. At the 3-acre San Lorenzo Pioneer Cemetery where they lay to rest they each tell their story, mutely.

The cemetery is located in the unincorporated community of San Lorenzo, in Alameda County, California. Surrounded by an old church, a shopping center, a railroad track, and the San Lorenzo Unified School District office complex, the cemetery is visited regularly by groups of school children and others who sign up for tours. Those tours and the words of the tour guides help bring back feelings and visions of the old days of adventure, conquest – and violence – which the men and women of the 1800s and early 1900s underwent during the exploitation and development of a good part of what is now known as the Hayward Area.

As you walk among the once-regal tombs of the noble and rich as well as the unmarked graves of paupers, you evoke images of – and feel – the successes and failures these pioneers experienced, and you think of other mysterious things that may have marked their lives.

Most of the very wealthy and powerful were men and women whose last names you could easily associate with the streets and sites around town: Meek, Lewelling, Stone, Marlin, Cameron, and Baumberger, among others. The paupers – almost all men – have nice but locally unimportant names: Higgins, Goff, Joslin, Lux, Winniger.

MeekMansion-Hayward-550William Meek was a farmer, garden enthusiast, and public official. He owned about 2,650 acres of land (everything between what is now Mission, Hesperian, and Lewelling boulevards and Winton Avenue) in the Hayward area which he farmed and on which he raised cows and horses. He was 63 when he died on December 27, 1880. He built and lived in what we now call the Meek Mansion, a historic site.

John Lewelling was likewise a farmer who loved gardening. He is regarded as the “Pioneer of the Pacific Coast.” He was an Alameda County supervisor, a charter member of the California Agricultural Society, and president of Granges Bank of California. Asthma forced him to move to the Napa Valley where he built a ranch. Upon his death, his son Eli inherited his San Lorenzo property while his son Harvy inherited the Napa Valley ranch. His wife Elvy died in 1907 and is buried with him at San Lorenzo.

A Hayward Area Historical Society tour guide will tell you of the “who, where, when and how” of each of the major tomb occupants.

For example, there’s the story of how six of Mary and Henry Nebas’ children died when their horse-drawn wagon was hit by a train along a railroad track in 1881. Mary and Henry Nebas are buried within the same tomb.

There is the story of three brothers – Isaac, William, and Thomas Yoakum – who were lynched and hanged in 1879 after having been convicted of murder.

And there’s the story of a man named Bertel Mahler and his wife Emma who are buried next to each other. A despondent Bertel committed suicide when his wife Emma passed away.

Little stories like these make one feel utterly mortal – but hopeful their own story would someday be told. There are close to 1700 tales to tell – one for each of the “important” people buried there as well as 803 stories for those that died penniless and lonely, and without a next of kin.

Many of the men buried at Pioneer Cemetery were trail-blazing farmers, frustrated prospectors, or plain adventurers who got carried with the crowd moving west without knowing what to do once they got west. Many of them were people moving in to squat on vast, unfenced landholdings.

Alameda County took over ownership of the San Lorenzo cemetery in 1964. The cemetery had been in disuse and neglect for years, and had become a site for drinking parties and other gang activities. Alameda County redeveloped and now maintains the cemetery, renamed the San Lorenzo Pioneer Cemetery. The Hayward Area Historical Society (HAHS) subsequently entered into an agreement with Alameda County to manage the cemetery as a historical site.

PaupersGraves-WithMarker-550The unmarked “paupers” graves have been affixed with neat little white crosses made by Boy Scout Girard Chilson in 2001 and installed by Girl Scout Leslie McGallian in 2002 under the coordination of Doris Marciel of the HAHS. A monument listing the names of the 803 paupers buried there was donated by the Hayward Area Historical Society and dedicated in 2008.

For a guided tour or visit to the cemetery, contact the Hayward Area Historical Society.

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The venerable Heald College: an institution brought to ruin by corporate incompetence and greed

TryingToSaveHeald-2014-530Heald College was known as Heald’s Business College when it was established in 1863 by Edward Payson Heald. My experience with the venerable institution began when I started teaching evening classes for the school’s Electronic Engineering Technology degree courses at its San Francisco campus in 1981.

In 1981, Heald was known as Heald Colleges – and was made up of campuses named “Heald Institute of Technology” and “Heald Business College.” It was also in 1981 that the principal owner of Heald Colleges, Dr. James Deitz, converted the business to a nonprofit educational institution.

In 1988, Heald Colleges celebrated its 125th year of existence with a fund-raiser at San Francisco’s famed Fairmont Hotel. That is where I learned that Heald Colleges had more than a million living alumni in the state of California alone. Among the tens of thousands of famous alumni were restaurateur Victor “Trader Vic” Bergeron; San Francisco Chronicle publisher and De Young Museum founder Michael H. de Young; former San Francisco mayor George Christopher; Transamerica, Bank of Italy, and the Bank of America founder A. P. Giannini; and former Santa Cruz, CA mayor and Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk developer Fred Swanton.

Heald Colleges alumni were well-established in every walk of life, and well-respected members of their communities.

Heald Colleges was a well-managed, reputable educational institution whose faculty and staff worked as family. From 1981 through 2005, Heald Colleges’ faculty and staff staged annual week-long conferences where everyone got together and exchanged ideas on making the educational process more efficient and effective for students, faculty and staff. Heald Colleges endeavored to make each campus’ faculty and staff a part of the community they served.

HaywardCampus-Vacating-2015-375In 2001, Heald Colleges changed its name to Heald College (dropping the “s”) as it merged its Heald Institute of Technology and Heald Business College campuses. It was in that year that the distinguished Heald logo was developed. Heald was undergoing a series of management changes in an attempt to modernize and cope with new ways of educating people and running a business.

I served on the Heald College team that prepared the school for accreditation by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). Heald College’s credentials were impeccable as was the quality of its staff, faculty, and students. Heald College’s student population was especially well-qualified and among the best candidates for learning in their respective fields of study.

At this time, Heald College had a total of 12 campuses: ten in California, one in Portland (Oregon), and one in Honolulu (Hawaii).

Around the year 2002, Heald College started encountering serious financial problems that led to a series of changes in management and its structure. As each new management team failed to turn the school’s financial situation around, the Board of Trustees brought in a new team that was worse than the previous one. The school’s owners made their final fatal move when they decided to sell the school.

In 2007, Heald College was sold to Palm Ventures of Connecticut, a private investor group whose objective was to “flip” the business – fix it up, make it look good, and then sell it for a profit. Palm Ventures took Heald out of its nonprofit status, making it a for-profit business. It was also in this year that I decided to quit teaching at the school and enjoyed a “retirement” fete. But the school – its staff and faculty – and I kept in touch.

In 2009, Palm Ventures sold the apparently “financially thriving” Heald College to Corinthian Colleges, Inc., a 24-year-old Santa Ana, California business. With this event, everyone at Heald College should have known that their institution was doomed.

Many questioned the credentials of the people at Corinthian Colleges, Inc. who took over the management of Heald. While Corinthian was growing leaps and bounds, it was at the time being investigated by California’s Attorney General for improper student recruitment practices.

Heald’s student population doubled under Corinthian – but faculty members began to voice their concern about the poor quality of those students. Meanwhile, Corinthian survived the Attorney General’s charges in 2007 by paying a measly $6.5 million fine without admitting any wrong-doing. In that year, Corinthian pulled in $1 billion in revenues. By 2012, Heald College’s student population doubled and Corinthian continued to rake in money.

But Corinthian’s end was nearing. In 2013, the Securities and Exchange Commission began an investigation of Corinthian’s student recruitment practices and job placement claims. This was followed by a lawsuit filed by California’s Attorney General against Corinthian for the same malpractices. In the same year, the Department of Education started investigating Corinthian for the same issues and began making it difficult for Heald students to obtain financial aid.

What followed is history.

By mid-2014, Corinthian began to realize that it would not be able to wiggle out of its cases the same way it did in 2007. Corinthian begged to be allowed to sell some of its schools (including Heald College) while shuttering others. And when it couldn’t find any buyers for the schools it was allowed to sell, Corinthian collapsed.

Corinthian decided to just lie down and die – and it did.

But so did the venerable Heald College.


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The 2015 House Select Committee Hearings on Benghazi: in aid of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign

HillaryClinton-Composed-530The 2015 House Select Committee’s investigation into the events at Benghazi during an Islamic terrorist attack on the US consulate there on September 11, 2012 – aimed at being “in aid of legislation” – began and continued as a “hearing in aid of Hillary Clinton’s presidential candidacy.”

This is the almost unanimous observation of political and congressional analysts who coincidentally point out that the probe was in reality “an attempt to prosecute” Clinton for the unfortunate event instead of seeking information to help prevent future incidents of the nature.

The proceeding has provided and continues to provide Clinton’s presidential campaign with $1 billion worth of free favorable publicity.

The committee provided Clinton an opportunity to shine and display her knowledge of world conditions and understanding of US international relations and policies. The entire show was and continues to be a boon to Clinton’s presidential aspirations.

The “investigation” was a flop for Republicans who were trying their best to have the entire show end as quickly as possible without too much political fall-out for them. Clinton went along with Republican congressmen who were nit-picking on little issues that had no relevance to the hearing’s objectives, ending up embarrassing several Republican committee members, including the chairman himself, over their misinformation.

AttackOnBenghazi-530Separate attacks on two US consulate compounds in Benghazi were undertaken by Islamic militants who killed US Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith and two CIA contractors, and injured ten others. The attacks were blamed on security lapses for which Clinton took responsibility as Secretary of State.

The man said to be responsible for the attacks – militia leader Ahmed Abu Khattala, head of terror group Ansar al-Sharia – was eventually captured by US Army Special Forces and charged with the crimes.


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End of a political dynasty: unbridled government corruption, thievery gets a beating in the Philippines

TheBinayDynasty-530Kleptocracy and the Binay political dynasty received a severe beating in the Philippines when the country’s Ombudsman – an officer with extraordinary powers to fight and eliminate graft and corruption in public office – ordered the “permanent dismissal” and perpetual disqualification from public office of suspended Makati City Mayor Jejomar Erwin “JunJun” Binay and nineteen of his city officials. The Ombudsman’s order is “immediately executory.”

JunJun Binay is the son of the country’s vice president, Jejomar “JoJo” Binay.

The Ombudsman is preparing to issue a warrant for the arrest of Vice President Binay, who is accused of the crime of plunder in six different cases that have been filed against him. The vice president’s wife, Elenita Binay (herself a former Makati City mayor) is also accused of plunder in a separate case with the Ombudsman.

Vice President Binay’s two other children – Senator Nancy Binay and Congresswoman Abigail Binay – have not been charged or alleged to be complicit in any of the cases.

The vice president, his wife and son have consistently refused to respond to the charges, claiming them to be part of a politically-motivated “demolition” job. The Binays have likewise disregarded an ongoing senate Blue Ribbon Committee investigation of the same charges against them, dismissing the investigation as part of a plan to derail the vice president’s presidential ambition.

Under Philippine law, plunder is a non-bailable offense and “is committed when a public officer who, by himself or in connivance with members of his family, relatives by affinity or consanguinity, business associates, subordinates or other persons, amasses, accumulates or acquires ill-gotten wealth through a combination or series of overt or criminal acts . . . in the aggregate amount or total value of at least fifty million pesos (P50,000,000.00).” Fifty million pesos is roughly $1.15 million.

The Binay family has shown complete contempt of the Philippine judicial system. When then-mayor JunJun Binay was ordered suspended for six months by the Ombudsman, he barricaded himself in his city hall office and refused to leave, causing untold damage to government property by hired goons who surrounded city hall to protect him.

The vice president himself has considered orders of the Ombudsman and all other courts that are against him as “politically motivated” and not worthy of legal response. Some commentators and legal pundits have described the vice president’s actions as indicating “he is above the law.”

Because her brother JunJun is perpetually disqualified from running for public office, Makati Representative Abigail Binay announced that she would run for city mayor to protect the family’s “heritage.” Senator Nancy Binay likewise defends the family’s position as righteous since they (the Binay family) “made Makati what it is.”

Although the country’s crime fighters have a long way to go, things appear to be moving in the right direction. It won’t be long when the Philippines can be taken off the list of countries that have the world’s most corrupt governments.

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On stupid people with twisted minds, and why we have murderers, rapists, stalkers and serial killers, etc.

Why are there people like Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump? Why are there serial killers, stalkers, rapists, and mass murderers?

It is said that 10 percent of the human population is made up of people who are ‘potential’ mental misfits, whose minds and thinking can flip at anytime – depending on a ‘trigger’ – while another 20 percent of the human race, although possessed with properly constituted or ‘normal’ brain matter, tend to develop twisted, incongruous thoughts and ideas that go against social culture and defy science and scientifically proven facts.

OnCrooks&AntiSocials-800The potential mental misfits are generally ‘loners’ – people who have no friends, live secretive lives, and converse and confide in themselves, while those who develop and profess incongruous, anti-social and contra-scientific ideas are extremely gregarious, pretentiously all-knowing and tend to be domineering.

Let’s look at some of the bad guys.

Jennifer San Marco was a mentally unstable person from birth. While working as an US postal service employee, she had to be forcibly removed from her job because of her “unstable mental condition.” Eventually, San Marco killed her former neighbor and six employees at a Goleta, California mail-processing facility.

Danny Rolling, also known as the Gainesville Ripper, murdered five students in Gainesville, Florida. Rolling later confessed that he had raped several of his victims, killed three people in Shreveport, Louisiana, and attempted to murder his father. He was executed by lethal injection in 2006.

Aileen Wuornos, also mentally unbalanced, killed seven men in Florida between 1989 and 1990. Each of her victims was killed while having sex with her. She was convicted and sentenced to death for six of the murders and was executed by the State of Florida by lethal injection on October 9, 2002.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his brother Dzhokhar planted bombs at a Boston Marathon event in 2013, killing three people and wounding more than 200 others. Tamerlan was later killed in a gunfight with police, while Dzhokhar was seriously wounded, captured, convicted and sentenced to death. Tamerlan was a non-social type who kept to himself and had sway over his younger brother.

And let’s look at some of the good guys who have bad ideas.

Michelle Bachmann is a former US congresswoman representing Minnesota’s 6th congressional district. But that is not the problem – Ms Bachmann has an extremely twisted view of society and culture that she makes such statements as “The movie ‘The Lion King’ is gay propaganda because its musical score was written by a gay person.” After scientists had proven in studies that carbon dioxide in the air increases human mortality, Bachmann claimed that “carbon dioxide is portrayed as harmful. But there isn’t even one study that can be produced that shows that carbon dioxide is a harmful gas.” Don’t you wish she would inhale a large amount of carbon dioxide just to prove her point?

Donald Trump is an old-fashioned get rich quick guru. He wrote dozens of books including “How To Get Rich”, “Think Big And Kick Ass” and “Why We Want You To Be Rich” all of which teaches people, in effect, how to ‘victimize’ others (because when one makes a killing, another loses his shirt). He was sued by several groups – including New York’s attorney general – for using his Trump University to ‘fleece’ students. What his Trump University taught its students could be summarized in Trump’s own slogan: “Just copy exactly what I’ve done and get rich.”

Sarah Palin, a resigned Alaska governor and former Republican Party candidate for vice president, could be termed a ‘Tea Party blockhead’. She has no tolerance for homosexuality, is a virtual racist, has allegedly been unethical (with her campaign funds), has neglected to raise her own children properly, is a hypocrite, takes pride in hunting and killing animals, lacks an understanding of the countries around the world and of basic geography, and appears to be extremely uneducated.

Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz, the junior senator from Texas is a climate denier who also denies science in general. It is believed Cruz is acting ultra-conservative and farther right than any Republican Party member to cover up for his own shortcomings. Cruz was born in Calgary, Canada of Cuban parentage and is therefore not a natural-born US citizen. Even then, he questions President Obama’s citizenship and place of birth.

So there we are. Can you imagine 20 percent of the people around you thinking and behaving like Michelle Bachmann, Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, and Ted Cruz? As if that were not bad enough, think about the 10 percent that could be shooting at and killing school children, raping women, murdering people, planting bombs, and doing other crazy stuff.

C’est la vie!

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While the Philippines’ economy grows, the number of its people living in extreme poverty continues to rise

02-ChildrenBeggarsInMetroManila-530A London-based research firm has projected that the Philippines will be the 26th largest economy in the world (rising from its current 45th position) by the year 2025. But the same organization could not make any good predictions for the number of the country’s population that will benefit from such economic growth.

Unlike in its neighboring countries, the level of poverty in the Philippines has steadily increased over the last three years, even as it declined dramatically to 26.9% in 2009 from 33.1% in 1991. In 2012, the number of Filipinos living in extreme poverty was 27.9% – a one percent increase from 2009. The government’s plan to eradicate poverty by 2016 is a predictable failure because this year the poverty level is already estimated to be at 29.2% (a 1.3% increase from the 2012 level, according to preliminary census reports).

These statistics are foreboding since the World Bank reports that the number of people living in extreme poverty has dropped in every other developing country in the world. Making matters worse, there are an unacceptably large number of Filipinos living precariously close to extreme poverty.

What is extreme poverty?

03-ExtremePovertyLeadPeopleToSquat-530The Philippine’s National Statistics Coordinating Board (NSCB) reports that to escape extreme poverty, a family of five needed an income of PhP1,681 ($39) per month in 2006, PhP2,042 ($47.50) per month in 2009, and PhP4,100 ($95) per month in 2012. The same NSCB report states that to avoid extreme poverty this year, a family of five would need a monthly income of PhP5,458 ($126.90) per month just for food, and an income of PhP7,821 ($181.90) per month for both food and other necessities such as clothing. None of these income figures allow for housing.

Today’s minimum wage in the Philippines is PhP451 ($10) per day for work in non-agricultural industries and PhP414 ($9.20) per day for work in all other sectors of the economy. At PhP451 per day, a Filipino worker would earn about PhP10,824 ($251.75) per month – placing a family of five above the extreme poverty level but by no means into a comfortable life.

Because of wage theft among small business operators, an estimated 30% of the Filipino work force is reported to be paid way below the minimum wage. Exacerbating the situation, unemployment in the country is 6.5% (this year, per the Philippine government’s National Statistics Office).

Other reasons the level of extreme poverty is exceptionally high in the Philippines are given by the Asian Development Bank and include weakness in employment generation and the quality of jobs generated, failure to develop the agricultural sector of the economy, high inflation rates during economic crises, and high levels of population growth. As of the 2014 census, the Philippine population stood at 100 million people (increasing threefold in the last 40 years).

In addition to the Asian Development Bank analysis, poverty and extreme poverty in the Philippines is spurred by the insensitivity of the government to the needs of the people. Public service is practically nil – very young children roam the streets begging, people flock to the cities to make a living, and ill-compensated civil servants add to the difficulties of the poor by fleecing them.

Government officials – from the lowest civil servant to the highest ranking official of the country – are mostly concerned with and focused on their own welfare and those of their family and friends. Charities are generally scams.

But there is hope for the Filipino people. Hope.


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