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No, sir, Daniel Cadet – we don’t need people like Donald Sterling or Cliven Bundy

Daniel Cadet, editor of Black Voices at Huffington Post, wrote (read his piece) that the world needs people like Donald Sterling and Cliven Bundy because “they make white people feel safe . . . white people can look at them … Continue reading

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Georgia goes wild: state passes law allowing concealed weapons almost everywhere

You have reason now to fear more for your life after July 1, 2014 if you live in the state of Georgia: Gov. Nathan Deal has signed into law a bill that allows licensed gun owners in Georgia and visitors … Continue reading

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Nothing but a spoiled brat: the chance to role model and serve society is gone to waste as Justin Bieber is carried away by bad influences

Adored by multitudes of fans, Justin Bieber was on his way to becoming not just one of the world’s greatest entertainers but the great leader of the young in heart and mind, leading the youth in service to communities and … Continue reading

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Putin’s adventures keep us on edge: after “reclaiming” Crimea from Ukraine, is the Russian leader now planning to take back Alaska?

The world is sitting on the edge of its seat, figuratively speaking: Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, Russia’s president, is ecstatic over his success is retaking Crimea from Ukraine that some are now thinking he plans to start a move to reclaim … Continue reading

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Fast food workers deserve a fair break: it appears that their suit against McDonald’s is being shuttered

We learned that fast food workers at the famed McDonald’s hamburger chain have filed suit against the company and several of their franchisees in three states – California, Michigan, and New York – alleging “illegal underpayment of wages” by not … Continue reading

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W’s venture into a career in art is untimely, in a manner of speaking

It’s out – former president George W. Bush has taken up painting as a career of sorts and has opened up to the world by displaying some of his works of “art.” One might suggest that the career change is … Continue reading

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