The new law on immigration – the free movement of people based on political, social, and market forces

People and Immigration

The free movement of people

In this new, modern world the laws on immigration – rules that control the movement of people between national boundaries – should be more pragmatic. A nation’s geographic boundaries should only define that country’s physical size and location and not be a deterrent to the free movement of man and his commerce.

Market, political, and social forces should be the exclusive determinant of where people live and work. A nation may still award citizenship status to certain of its residents, but only for political reasons, such as the right to vote and to receive assistance. But citizenship should not be a requirement for residency.

People should be free to move around the world as they please, as long as wherever they are they are gainfully employed and are not otherwise a burden to the society. This is the new, modern world.

A family might want to live in Sweden for say ten years – they should be allowed to do so as long as they have the means, and can prove it, to support them in that country comfortably. A person might want to live and work in Japan – he or she should be allowed to do so as long as he or she can prove gainful employment and not be a burden to society.

This will all redound to the benefit of the human race, and to all societies on earth. Eventually, there will be competition among nations as they each work to make their country the best place to live and work in – all to the benefit of the human race.

About Julius Willis

A former Philippines newspaper publisher and businessman, Julius resettled in California, USA, where he simultaneously worked as an instructional and technical writer and engineering department manager and taught college for 26 years. Now retired, he serves as a member of the Alameda County Housing & Community Development Advisory Committee. He also served as a member of the City of Hayward's General Plan Task Force and the city's Planning, Personnel, Citizens Advisory, and Community Services commissions.
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