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A most irresponsible and insensitive statement

Nothing is more irresponsible and insensitive than the assertion that “47% of the U. S. population are moochers, people with no drive or ambition . . .”  The fact is that if every single human being in the U. S. (or anywhere … Continue reading

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You can resist it all you want, but change will happen

History is replete with people who’ve resisted change. Change in language, change in the way we live and play, change in the way we light up our homes. There is that natural tendency to want to keep the status quo … Continue reading

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We’d rather that Lindsey Vonn started playing golf instead

It’s great to learn that Tiger Woods has found a new love. And it looks like he and Lindsey Vonn are made for each other. Everyone we speak with – in media and sports circles – appear convinced that the pair … Continue reading

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