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Self-styled executioner, blabber-mouth Rodrigo ‘Digong’ Duterte might – after all – be good for the Filipino people

In a previous post (Why Filipinos must not. . . , Feb. 16, 2016), I suggested that Philippine presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte was “an egomaniac who believes himself to be above the law” and whose “delusions of personal greatness will … Continue reading

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A threat to the people: Manny the boxer who condemns homosexuals as “worse than animals” and non-Evangelical Protestants as “hell-bound” now wants to be a Senator of the Republic

Emmanuel “Manny” Dapidran Pacquiao, currently an elected member of the Philippine House of Representatives, is running to be a Senator of the Republic. Is he qualified? Is he mentally and emotionally fit for such high public office? Pacquiao is qualified … Continue reading

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Why Filipinos must not elect Duterte or Binay – two men who may bring ruin to a country struggling to emerge from a culture of political lawlessness, graft, and corruption

The past six years saw the Philippines recuperating from decades of failed leadership, mismanagement, and plundering. Public officials high and low have been charged with graft, corruption, and plunder – and dozens upon dozens of them have been removed and … Continue reading

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The need to reform Saudi Arabia and its extremist Wahhabi influences

Saudi Arabia – once the United States’ most fervent and dependable ally in the Middle East – has become the United States’ biggest diplomatic liability. While Saudi Arabia is the US’ largest and most consistent buyer of military equipment ($12 … Continue reading

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Fight terrorism by going after the root of it: those that foment hatred

Islamic Wahhabists, radical Christians, white supremacists, and political demagogues are among the promoters of hatred and mass murder Sigmund Freud defined hate “as an ego state that wishes to destroy the source of its unhappiness.” People and institutions that preach … Continue reading

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Those that give away 99% of their wealth can’t possibly be “conservative”

A conservative will not spend a dime of their money for the benefit of humanity or some other good cause Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan have just had a baby – a girl they have named Max. And to celebrate … Continue reading

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Terrorism is not an ethnic trait – it’s a malady wrought by social, religious extremism

Some nations unwittingly provide the ways and means for terrorists to thrive Every nation on earth has the potential to produce its own brand of terrorists and criminals. But only a few nations provide the media and conditions that produce … Continue reading

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America: land of the free and the brave, or home of the bound and the fearful?

The United States of America – a nation of immigrants – appears to be turning away from and shunning its history. More and more voices are condemning the US government’s plans to provide asylum to thousands of desperate Syrian war … Continue reading

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The difference between a Democrat and a Republican: like the difference between blue and red

Many Americans appear to be confused about, or unsure of, their political identities. Some Americans align with a party because they have friends or associates within it, while some drift towards a party because of one or two platform issues … Continue reading

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Some seek public office only for the honor and distinction of the title, but not to serve

There should be a law making it a misdemeanor for one to have achieved nothing – or next to nothing – for the benefit of a constituency while enjoying the title, benefits, and honor of a public office. Winning an … Continue reading

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