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Year after year, the Philippine government’s Bureau of Customs is ranked as the country’s ‘Most Corrupt Government Office’

Because of its recent attempt to make OFW (overseas Filipino workers) ‘balikbayan’ boxes a target for its corrupt agents, the Philippine Department of Finance’s Bureau of Customs has once again come into public focus. In a US State Department investment … Continue reading

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Harry Stonehill: enterprise helped him build a business empire, recklessness and lack of political finesse brought it all down

I remember Harry S. Stonehill. In his final months as a powerful and sometimes feared businessman in the Philippines, I would meet with him at his Magsaysay Building office in Ermita where we plotted PR campaigns aimed at curbing the … Continue reading

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Options for Filipinos in their 2016 elections: more good government or the validation of corrupt political dynasties

The Philippines and the Filipino people are at a crossroads of their political destiny. Their 2016 elections offer the Filipino people an opportunity to continue a program of rebuilding a political system patterned after the US government and purging it … Continue reading

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The ‘Imperial’ – and why the United States is way behind in fully implementing the International System of Units

In 1981 and early 1982, I would describe the metric system of measurements to my electronics and computer science students and tell them why it was better than the Imperial or English standard that was then in use. Our classrooms … Continue reading

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Three of the Philippines’ most corrupt political leaders rank among the top 10 in the world

Why do Filipinos – the great majority of them economically handicapped and socially disadvantaged – allow corrupt public officials to get away with their crimes and, in most cases, reelect or elevate them to higher public office? Two of the … Continue reading

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Since Jews, Christians, and Muslims worship the same God why don’t they get along and leave their differences to God?

Most of the world’s conflicts stem from the differences in doctrine and unnecessary intolerance between Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Each of the three religions would wish the others did not exist. Muslims themselves have been killing each other – Sunni … Continue reading

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