Is the government shutdown a result of a seditious act by Republican Party extremists?

The Republican Party now holds the nation hostage in a “do-what-I-want-or-die” scheme which most people label as blackmail. In their infatuation for weakening or getting rid of the Affordable Health Care law which the Supreme Court has upheld and which the people have embraced with the re-election of President Obama in 2012, the Republican Party has become irrational and, possibly, seditious. The Constitution defines ways to repeal unwanted laws – blackmail and holding the nation hostage is not one of them.

About Julius Willis

A former Philippines newspaper publisher and businessman, Julius resettled in California, USA, where he simultaneously worked as an instructional and technical writer and engineering department manager and taught college for 26 years. Now retired, he serves as a member of the Alameda County Housing & Community Development Advisory Committee. He also served as a member of the City of Hayward's General Plan Task Force and the city's Planning, Personnel, Citizens Advisory, and Community Services commissions.
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